Yiorgos Kaloudis – Live Concert at ZEON

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Yiorgos Kaloudis
Cello, 5 string electric cello, Cretan Lyra, Live-loop-recording

ZEON recognizing in Yiorgos Kaloudis’ compositions and improvisations the architecture of harmony, invites you to a live concert on Tuesday 24th June 2008 at 9 p.m. (8-10 Sahturi St., Koumoundourou Sq. – 4th floor)

Yiorgos kaloudis was born in 1973 in Athens, Greece.
He is a modern cello player, who through his compositions, his particular technique and approach as well as the different qualities of the instrument, creates an alternative environment influenced by classic music, jazz, funk, ambient and the Greek traditional sounds.

He presents his compositions abroad solo, in a duet with Ruth Hill in the kanun, and in a trio with the bass player Sylvan Richardson. He collaborates with Alkinoos Ioannidisi, David Lynch, Stavros Lantsias, Elli Paspala and Socratis Malamas and he is a member of the groups Faros, Camvas, Furtuna, Takis Farazis Quintet and the Music Ensemble of M.Hadjidakis. His debut solo CD album “Truth” was released in February 2005 by DNA LABEL records.


Concert entrance fee: 10 €
For reservations by phone please contact zeon

T. +30 210 3212120
F. +30 210 3212129
M. +30 6945590964

8-10 Sahturi St.
Koumoundourou Sq.
10553 Athens
4th floor



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ZEON is a cultural civil non-profit association, which was formed in 2006, with Athens as its seat. ZEON’s aim is to become a field of quest, dialogue and creation, so as to mould the quality of the space.

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What is the process of transformation, it’s worth wondering, of the relationship between architecture and an object’s form itself, but even its functional value as well?

To which extent and in which way does modern design affect the spaces where we live and create?

How are art and architecture connected and how does this interaction determine our everyday routine, our way of thinking and our way of conceiving things?


At the new cultural venue ‘Zeon’, four artists (George Gyparakis, Andreas Savva, Yioula Hatzigheorghiou, Alexandros Psychoulis) and an architect (Marinos Sorilos) are laying their own proposals for the objects surrounding us in our everyday life, in the private or public space.


With their works they turn towards covering primary human needs such as housing, sleep, relaxation, storage, contact with nature and the mythical world. It is about an effort to define the object, beyond its form and image, into the very necessity of its creation that also leads to the interpretation of its usage.


With their proposals they create a poetic atmosphere in our daily routine, sometimes bittersweet, when inspiration comes by observing the cruel reality. Then again, sometimes useful and/or dreamlike, when they offer mechanisms for seeking creatures of our imagination.

ZEON (contact)
Marilena Koskina (architect)
T 210 3212120
F 210 3212129
M 6945590964
Sahturi 8-10,Koumoundourou Sq. 10553 Athens
Visiting Zeon / Exhibition Hours:
Open daily 12.00 p.m. – 21.00 p.m.
Saturday 12.00 p.m. – 15.00 p.m.
Closed major holidays and Sundays

Giorgos Gyparakis

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Transform Design into a Pot

George Gyparakis makes his own commentation by constructing an armchair-pot, a table-pot and a landscape-pot. The process of caring for plants confutes the ephemeral relationship between man and modern design through the bond developed between the tree and its cultivator.


George Gyparakis was born in Athens. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessalonica completing his postgraduate studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He is a lecturer at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens.

Andreas Savva

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No place – no space

Andreas Savva comments on the general lack of space, of people and objects. He makes storage spaces from acrylic glass, hauling boxes, human-shaped parcels, mummy-parcels and transforms them into sculptures.


Andreas Savva was born in Kyrenia, Cyprus in 1970. After completing his Fine Art studies in 1996, he attended a postgraduate course on Digital Art Forms. He regularly participates in various exhibitions in Greece and abroad

Marinos Sorilos

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Marinos Sorilos makes a sofa that reminds us that man is a three-dimensional creature living, moving, resting in a three-dimensional space. The ‘Sisyphus’ couch is an effort to express the relationship between space and body position. It is multi-function object, from a sofa to a toy and from a bed to a gym instrument.


Marinos Sorilos was born in Patras. He is an architect, D.P.L.G., Paris 1981. Since 1982 he has his own architectural office in Athens. From 1989 to 1991 he was editor in chief for LIVING, magazine of architectural interest. He is the chairman of the ‘ZEON’ civil non-profit association.

Youla Hatzigeorgiou

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Still Life
Ash – Flying Dirt

Yioula Hatzigheorghiou takes ash as her raw material and transforms it into a structural element-brick, commenting with sensitivity on how, from destruction and deconstruction, can reemerge life and construction.


Yioula Hatzigheorghiou was born in Paphos, Cyprus. She studied at the School of Fine Arts, graduating in 2000 with honors. She completed her postgraduate studies at the National Technical University of Athens. She regularly participates in various exhibitions in Greece and abroad.